Project Ride Smart

For three weeks, I’ve been teaching bicycle skills to 5 graders at H Allen Hight School. My teaching partner was Doug (below in red shirt).
Rechalking lines AFTER a small rainstorm. Darnit: back-breaking work.
There are 45 bicycles in the fleet in four different sizes. Each day, we roll them all out.
At the end of the day, they had to be packed tightly into a small storage location – Doug was great at this.
Blacktop drills:
Mr West’s class. There were two after-school coaching sessions and about 10 kids either learned to ride a bike or relearned basic riding skills.
A letter from Udham:
Dear North Natomas TMA Staff, Thanks for teaching me how to ride a bike. Mr Meyers, you’re a very good teacher. I also want to thank Mr Doug. You motivated me to not give up. When I got hurt, I kept going thanks to you. Now I want to thank Ms Arlete for not giving up on me. I was one of the worst riders, now I’m one of the best in my group. You had confidence in me.

The third week, if students had good basic riding skills, we left campus for a ride in the community in groups of 8 students plus one LCI and one more person, usually a parent, teacher or community volunteer. L-R: Pollyanna, Doug, Brad, Mellissa.

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