Project Ride Smart

At H Allen Hight. An early morning start!I was so happy to ride my bike the 3 miles to work, at least on Monday and Tuesday. Riding with 7 am commute traffic required vigilance.We got rained out on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was a beautiful day. In class, helmets on and personal safety check:ABCQuick Check: We divided the students into 2 large groups with 2 LCIs and a parent volunteer and went for a fun ride in Natomas Regional Park. I really liked NOT being in charge, I just showed up and did what I was told – ahhh.After work each day, I worked on a mini-quilt for a friend, Sue Schooley, who gave me a bunch of commemorative t-shirts from the annual Roseville Bikefest that she organizes. Also, a little zippered bag with the scraps.

Projects finished

In between everything else, I managed to finish Avery’s Halloween costume. He will be a Charizard: a Pokemon dragon.The underside of the wings HAD to be a shiny blue:And four pillow covers for my sofa:The fabric with words is the back of all the pillows.

Friday afternoon delivery

Whew! Done and delivered. The Breathe Bike Trek is Sept 7-10 in Petaluma. I decided I just couldn’t fit this into my schedule this year but had previously committed to providing some raffle prizes. For the past few weeks, I’ve been sewing up a storm. I made FOUR upcycled t-shirts (sizes S, M, Lg, X-lg) using last year’s BBT t-shirt, four polka-dot zippered bags (the lining is the back of the t-shirt with all the sponsors’ names) and 2 small zippered bags. I delivered everything to the Breathe CA office this afternoon.

Cutting fringe

I started early in the day trying to finish this long vest to wear tonight. The faux suede wanted to curl at the edges so I had to pin every inch or so.dsc04614I cut fringe for 4 hours which didn’t include breaks to rest my cutting hand, put bandaids on my fingers before blisters formed, eat lunch, etc. And I still didn’t finish in time.dsc04616I like the way the ends curl up like a fiddlehead fern. dsc04618Oh well, the purple jacket will have to do for tonight’s outing.

From the Sewing Cave

This is for a friend’s KitchenAid mixer. She wanted burlap, but with the open weave, I had to get creative. Also, none of the free patterns available online would have fit the mixer, so I measured and made my own. I “quilted” the burlap with layers of batting and muslin underneath.dsc04500Pie Making Day was the lining and I finished the bottom edge with a blanket stitch.dsc04502

Pie Making Day

From the Sewing Cave: two sets of four open-wide zippered pouches from a collection of fabrics called Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff.dsc04469There were 11 different fabrics in the collection.dsc04463Once nested, they were reduced to this.dsc04462

Halloween costume #1

Delivered! Avery wanted to be a specific dinosaur – a carnotaurus.dsc03829But a blue one. He picked out the fabric himself, making sure it was the right shade of blue. Growling fiercely:dsc03899Chasing his tail:dsc03905Dino down. A word about all those spikes: they are about 3 inches long, stuffed with fiberfill, and hand-sown on.dsc03906