From the sewing cave

About a week ago, one faithful reader let me know I hadn’t blogged in a while and nudged me to get going. I know! Sometimes I get behind, especially when I’m focused on something. That something this time was not having clothes that fit and a trip to Hawaii was a few short weeks ahead. I tried to buy some shorts at my favorite store, but that didn’t work out and I find it impossible to go from store to store searching for clothes to buy. I am not a good shopper. I used to make my own shorts and pants – I decided to take the time to figure it out again. I had lots of fabric already in my stash. The results:

The first pair in dark brown denim (folded) were too big 😦 then came the camo and khaki shorts. The khaki with dark brown meant I was running out of those fabrics – but at least the shorts fit. The real goal was to use the pink and blue denim. That was done. The I began obsessing about tops – I got mixed results in that department which is frustrating because I’ve been sewing for 60 years. How can I screw up so often? The results:

The two on the floor are failures – I followed the pattern directions carefully but it was no good (I want to blame the pattern). The yellow one fits BUT not below the waist 😦 The other two are ok. And these also turned out ok:

I didn’t buy ANY fabric for the above projects and my stash has been considerably depleted. Yay. You know what that means, though, right? I am now free to buy more fabric.

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