Yarn Bomb

I read Crochet with London Kaye “Projects and ideas to yarn bomb your life.” At the same time I found a hole in a bright yellow t-shirt and was given 3 bright orange t-shirts. In the back of a closet, I found a red t-shirt one of my Canadian cousins gave me many years ago. Working around the dining room table, I cut 1-inch wide strips and moved them into a pile to the right,

then folded the strip in half and sewed a seam.

The strip came out the back for crocheting with a size P hook.

The first installation.

Then the yellow M kept falling down. Followed by the R. Mounting putty was not going to work.

Many little nails later.

Carson the Okapi

I won’t be quite as available this Halloween for costume creation, but Thais managed to get Carson to narrow down his request from “all the animals” to an okapi. After a little online research, the costume seemed fairly easy. The result:

From the sewing cave

About a week ago, one faithful reader let me know I hadn’t blogged in a while and nudged me to get going. I know! Sometimes I get behind, especially when I’m focused on something. That something this time was not having clothes that fit and a trip to Hawaii was a few short weeks ahead. I tried to buy some shorts at my favorite store, but that didn’t work out and I find it impossible to go from store to store searching for clothes to buy. I am not a good shopper. I used to make my own shorts and pants – I decided to take the time to figure it out again. I had lots of fabric already in my stash. The results:

The first pair in dark brown denim (folded) were too big 😦 then came the camo and khaki shorts. The khaki with dark brown meant I was running out of those fabrics – but at least the shorts fit. The real goal was to use the pink and blue denim. That was done. The I began obsessing about tops – I got mixed results in that department which is frustrating because I’ve been sewing for 60 years. How can I screw up so often? The results:

The two on the floor are failures – I followed the pattern directions carefully but it was no good (I want to blame the pattern). The yellow one fits BUT not below the waist 😦 The other two are ok. And these also turned out ok:

I didn’t buy ANY fabric for the above projects and my stash has been considerably depleted. Yay. You know what that means, though, right? I am now free to buy more fabric.

Merge 2019

A “Creative Collaboration Event” where local designers from the top architectural and interior design firms in Sacramento turn architectural materials into fashion. Over the past two weeks, 13 teams have designed and created wearable fashion from plastic laminates, carpet, textiles, paint chips, wall coverings, tile, etc. Tonight one model from each team walked down the runway in the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Materials boards:
At right is the board for our team – LPAS:
None of my pictures of the fashion show turned out (darnit). So these pictures are from Southaphone Phommalinh who works at LPAS. When I first met Southaphone, she explained how to pronounce her name, “like sit upon a chair.” Here is the first of thirteen entries. From ATI:
On the way back down the runway came the reveal:
CSUS students:

HGA/KBM Hogue:
Lionakis, also Casey Wong, winner of the Best Model:
The reveal included a wig removal:
LPAS. We won Best of Show! Our model, Isabel, was great!

A close-up of the earrings, made by Heston who also cut all the vinyl flooring pieces on a band saw.
Williams + Paddon:
Thank you Southaphone for the great pictures. This was so much fun! I loved every minute of the evening and all the preparation. What a great group of young creative people!

Baby Shower

Long story, amazing ending. Kara works at the front desk at the lodge. She is expecting her first child and saw a fabric baby carrier cover on Etsy she really liked, but it cost $50. She didn’t mind the cost but wondered if she could get one made by someone in our quilter’s group. Jane coordinates our group, she sent out the word. Carol Cota volunteered, Kara selected Marvel comics fabric as her theme. I asked Carol to give me the scraps and I made a fabric basket and 3 nesting zippered pouches:
Then the word got out and other residents wanted to contribute. A few weeks later, $1100 had been added. Today was a very informal baby shower and .. Kara was quite surprised.

Jane and Kara

Happy New Year from the Sewing Cave

It’s been a wonderfully less-busy week. Time to walk more, eat less, and dig out some old projects from the WIPs box. WIPs = works in progress … or, all those long-stored, partially-completed or still-in-original-packaging projects that a person can’t seem to throw away, give away, and finish. A conundrum.

This one was a gift, only a couple of years in storage:

I bought this in Deer Lodge MT last summer when I visited Phyllis. Ready for 2019, 11 1/2 months early!

A peek at Thais’ Christmas stocking collection, where Old MacDonald will hang next year:

From the sewing cave

Black faux leather tunic over floral turtleneck:
With the scraps and a long-ago-purchased t-shirt from a trip to Canada, I made a pillow for Justin’s couch:
Sophia picked this flannel for her annual pajama bottoms:
I took apart an old Wild Bryde farm animal necklace – I think I wore it once to the Sacramento County Fair when Justin and Thais were in 4-H (necklace totally out of place, by the way) – and used the animals to make an Old MacDonald Christmas stocking. It wasn’t quite finished on Christmas Eve when everyone was over, but I did show it to Thais and Carson, who pointed to the farmer and asked, “Is that me?”
This was my holiday season of sewing. Now what should I make?