Projects completed

Previously I shared the completion of the t-shirt quilt

and a very good Sunday watching football and finishing Sophia’s Christmas gift. *Note the blue fabric in the background.

In between, I finished an embroidered pillow for Adrienne – a thank you gift for all the Joe Pickett books and inviting me to Hawaii last fall –

and a blouse, which turned out (grrr) not to fit me, however it fit Terri just fine. And she liked the print and material.

Then it was time to finish project #5, a blouse that Phyl and I had cut out in January 2022 – ONE year ago – the blue material in the above picture. And nothing went right, I spent several hours trying to figure things out and finally called Phyl in frustration. Her advice was to set it aside and think about it. Whew! So, while I ponder a solution, I think I’ll adjust the blouse pattern and keep working on another little embroidery project. No idle hands in this house!

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