MiBM celebration ride

Three separate groups met at Peregrine Park .. in the shade.

16 riders – the biggest group I’ve ever led. Thankfully, there were many who had taken a Jibe class with me and I encouraged them to give group riding tips when needed.

Starting out, the bridge over a creek,

and then up and over I-80.

Bike path along Garden Highway almost to Discovery Park.

Crossing the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River, taking the lane.

There was a huge party at Bike Dog Brewing in W Sacramento sponsored by SABA and REI to celebrate the closing days of May is Bike Month.

Thank you REI for buying all REI members (me) a beer.

Gina – friend. fellow LCI, and the designer and creator for Gadget Girl Goods:

Time to head back.

On the boardwalk in Old Sacramento. 8 miles to go.

Great ride. We made some new friends, had a great time and rode 25 miles.

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