Your bike rides this week

Monday January 23.

Tuesday January 24. Brenda and Rachel:

Jane, Dani, and Cheryl:

Wednesday January 25. Tony and Maria:

This picture was taken by The Shadow (Minerva). Me, Rachel, and Brenda:

Thursday January 26. Dani and Cheryl, picture taken by Jonathan:

Friday January 27. Determined to get 200 miles this month – Brenda:

Jonathan and Cheryl:

Arlete and Brenda (picture taken by the shadow):

Saturday Bike Party organized by Coletha. Shelf-stable food was donated to Joey’s Food Locker serving families in N Natomas. Ozzie came to pick up the donations and tell us a bit about the program.

Thanks for riding today: Brenda, Minerva, Yingce, Rachel, Jim, and Carol for riding today. After the main ride, a few of us rode over to the E Levee Rd to check out the flooding from Steelhead Creek and see the Hansen Ranch Park site. Picture taken by the shadow.

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