Week 1

On Tuesday I got an over-the-elbow cast which included 2 minutes of bone realignment when the orthopedist squeezed my wrist with both hands (excruciating pain). Beyond that, learning to live using only my left non-dominant hand has been interesting and acrobatic. Besides riding a bike, I enjoy cooking and sewing, neither of which are possible now. I discovered DoorDash – a steak salad from Jack’s Urban Eats on my doorstep 15 minutes after placing my order! I can drive – nothing was going to keep me from getting a much-needed hair cut. On Thursday, left-handed, I did pretty good throwing a small football into the basket. Carson and I played many 5-point games, the basket migrated to many locations including halfway under the bench.

Adrienne gave me the first two books in a series by CJ Box. She can’t put them down. Sophia suggested doing one of the many jigsaw puzzles I have in a cabinet.

Five weeks to go.

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