Amsterdam – day 1

Amal arrived last night, much later than expected. Airplane problems before leaving Phoenix meant a missed connection in Philadelphia. Then the entire computer system was down in London for several hours but she finally got an evening flight out. We took a morning walk through the Museumplein – a small park near the Van Gogh Museum and our hotel –

and discovered a bakery that we will definitely visit again (if we can find it).

We decided to walk to our afternoon activity.

This is how you get big things into (or out of) houses. The workers were testing how the cart moved on the track, then leveled the container and opened the front part.

It was cold and raining today, especially waiting for our reserved time at the Anne Frank House and Museum.

The presentation before the tour was very good, then we toured the annex where Anne and her family hid for 2 years, followed by a narrated tour of the museum. The Anne Frank House is just around the corner from the modern museum entrance:

On the walk back:

We stopped for an early dinner at Hard Rock and got a table under this sign:

Anne was so excited to discover the flatware on the table was quite warm, a joy for her very cold hands.

On the way back to the hotel, we walked through a small section of Vondelpark:

Snow predicted for tonight!

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