Travel days

Yesterday, very early in the morning, Kathy, Anne, and I flew from Sacramento to San Francisco to Houston to … Amsterdam.

Since a person can’t just whip out their phone to call the hotel to come pick them up, this kind gentleman loaned us his phone and dialed the number, but let me do the talking.

Tulips are blooming everywhere including in planters along the main streets of the fashion and museum district where our hotel is located.

“Red means dead” – a phrase I learned from my last visit. Stay OUT of the reddish areas, bicycles have the right-of-way. And sometimes (like in the above picture), the bike lane might not be shaded red, so pay attention.

Hotel Fita is very nice with gracious welcoming hosts, small rooms and some steep stairs This picture does not show the treacherous curves where you must stay to the wide outer side. I’m on the 4th floor!

Thankfully, there’s a “lift” (elevator) for a maximum of two people. It’s rather slow and works most of the time. I’ve been told to “just keep pressing the button”.

More fun ahead as the rest of our group arrives over the next 2 days.

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