Eventful Saturday

I drove Dani and Kathy to the Trek bicycle store in Folsom. We were there just before the store opened at 9 am and it was hard to find a parking spot.

Everyone was in the process of sticking signs onto their jerseys.

I talked to this guy, so friendly. I asked if he was Ukrainian. He said, “No. Russian, but we are all brothers in Christ and we all want peace.”

Next we went to the Trek bike store in El Dorado Hills followed by a stop at Laid Back Cycles in Fair Oaks. Dani and Kathy were trying out, and maybe buying, a recumbent tandem.

And they bought it. However, to get it home … they had to ride it … 34 miles back, mostly down the American River Bike Trail. I drove home and met up with Cheryl. We started riding toward Dani and Kathy. We happened to stop under the J Street over-crossing near Sac State, I smelled smoke, spotted flames and called 911. We moved a bit farther down the trail and waited, the fire department came and went, and along came

and we all rode home.

However, there was way more to this story and Cheryl, Dani, and Kathy must be having a good chuckle right now. LOL

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