Meet the Artist

Jibe invited local bicycling groups to meet on Friday at noon on the Jackrabbit Trail where it intersects with Arena Blvd. Cindy, Cheryl and I left from our neighborhood. Steven and Rich met us there. A new mural was in its final stages of completion on the backside of the administration buildings of Natomas Unified School District.

Marc from N magazine was there. Below, Jibe staff with the artists. Mellissa/Jibe, Shane Grammer/lead artist, Michelle/Jibe, Becky/Jibe, Kone/assistant artist, Donald Gensler/City of Sacramento-Art in Public Places-Project Manager.

Great talks by Donald Gensler and Shane Grammer. Also check out especially the section about the murals in Paradise after the fire wiped out the town.

We met Gina (neon yellow jacket) on the trail and invited her to join us. I just worked with Gina last week for Project Ride Smart. She’s teaching a class in N Natomas on Saturday and was doing her pre-ride.

Jibe provided a great lunch from Panera. Thanks to Becky and the entire Jibe team. This was a fun event!

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