Mickelson Trail MM 31-44

We drove to Pringle, intending to start riding by 6:30. But we got lost and only started at 7:30.

The goal was to ride to Custer and back.

The first 9 miles would be uphill but (fingers crossed) not at a 4% grade.

3.8 miles to the White Elephant trailhead, all of it along SR 385.

Three trees at different stages seemingly growing right out of the rock:

We stopped in the shadow of a gigantic boulder and that’s when you can spot rust-colored lichen and ferns growing in crevices:

Almost to the 9-mile point and time for a little downhill run into Custer – therefore no picture-taking.

Custer trailhead at

Today was the hottest day of the week – 93 degrees by noon. Not my kind of riding weather! We stopped here for a rest break, cold drink and something delicious from the bakery.

Time to ride back. It was now officially HOT! I put some ice in a rolled-up handkerchief and tied it around my neck – that helped. 3-mile uphill climb out of Custer then what should have been a nice downhill run back to Pringle. But the wind changed and we were fighting a 15 mph headwind. Darn. We were both rather spent by the time we got to Pringle. 25 miles total. Ugh.

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