Sioux Falls Bike Trails – 4

We left early, after a big rainstorm last night. Riding clockwise on the main trail this time. North of airport, a small plane landing:

Because of the heavier rains last night, the Big Sioux River was running faster:

We rode on the west side of the river as far as we could, not the main trail, more in downtown. We thought we’d seen the best part of Falls Parks but were pleasantly surprised to more great views upstream.

As we rode through the Levitt at the Falls (an outdoor concert venue), the band performing a free concert at 10 am was warming up. We rode right past the front of the stage and felt like we got a brief mini-concert. The saxophonist sang special lyrics for Billie as we left. Apparently she was “dancing” on her bike.

After our usual rest stop, we continued on the west side of the river to Fawick Park. Just in case I never get to Florence Italy to see the marble version …

David, a full-size bronze replica.

We continued down the west side of the river until Cherry Rock Bridge.

I extended my ride a bit by crossing over Cole’s 1906 bridge and riding to Dunham Park then back to the turn off to the RV park which meant today’s ride was 25 miles. And … I rode 100+ miles this week.

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