Lanesboro MN

We arrived at Harvest Farm Campground with a 10-day reservation, only to be told they had no reservation on file. But they could squeeze us in for 3 days. We are very careful when making reservations and, frankly, don’t make mistakes. We got right on the problem-solving task of where to go at the last minute right after the RV was set up. It was a great feeling when Eagle Cliff Campground in Lanesboro MN was able to get us in and it was only 25 miles away. When we went in to pay our Harvest Farm CG bill on Friday, there was another couple at the registration desk having the exact same problem.

So, the roads to and from Harvest Farm were white gravelly dirt. Even the paved roads had shoulders of fine white dust. The RV and tow car and bikes were filthy. We stopped in Harmony for fuel and to go to a car wash, bikes included.

Eagle Cliff Campground is beautiful and we have a good spot with a big “front yard” although sunny in the late afternoon. It rained early Saturday morning which kept up from riding. As soon as it cleared up, we drove into Lanesboro … to the smallest-ever farmers market.

And I learned something new:

Great little tourist town. We were glad to be here relatively early, before more people showed up.

We got a coffee at Parkway Market – very small but packed with unique items. They’re known for their:

There was also a big selection of Legos, sets in boxes in different areas of the store, but also tubs of random pieces by the front door.

The waterfall/dam:

Access to the Internet is not very reliable in the campground, so we took advantage of the local library to catch up on our blogs.

The weather window for a ride tomorrow looks pretty good. Fingers crossed.

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