Trout Run Trail

We drove to Decorah to ride Trout Run which was an 11-mile loop around the town – sort of a short ride for us, so we planned to ride it twice.

As soon as we started, the climbing began.

The trail continued upward and curved to pass the cornfield in the distance:

Still going up, but I could still pedal. I was going 4 mph:

By the time we got to the top of this hill, we’d ridden less than 2 miles and Billie said, “I do NOT want to ride this trail twice.” Whew! She said it first, but I’d already made the same decision.

It was more flat at the top with beautiful vistas, the wildflowers were spectacular:

The glorious downhill run. That’s Billie in the distance:

The trail wound downward to the far bank of trees:

Billie took this picture of me rounding the curve:

Upper Iowa River:

One more tough climb at the end of the ride:

Not an easy ride, but so worth it. 12 miles. We’d parked in front of the grocery store that had a Starbucks so our well-earned reward was soon to be enjoyed!

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