Heritage Trail – day 2

We drove to Graf Park to start today’s ride.

Same excellent surface. A day to look forward to! Leaving Graf:

Looking over the side of a bridge:

Corn, corn, corn, and soybeans everywhere:

The trail ended in Dyersville. Time to turn around. But there was another option, an attraction about 5 miles away, riding country roads with no shoulder and essentially no traffic. I wanted to do it, Billie agreed and we took off. About a mile later, we stopped and Billie said, “Arlete, I am NOT riding these rolling hills, but you can go on.” Ok … and we discussed our plan to meet up later. Billie turned around and rode (downhill) back to Dyersville, then a left onto the Heritage Trail. We would meet up later near Farley. Today’s ride for me was 32 miles. The detour I took will be the next blog post.

However, there is a postscript to the end of the ride. I met Billie on the Heritage Trail at a rest area near Farley. It was gently downhill back to Graf and a great downhill run. However, Billie’s rear tire lost air and she found a rock in the tire that would continue to leak air. Back to Bicycle World, open from 12-4 on Sunday! Once again, hurray!, the young man fixed the flat tire in record time. Great bike shop!

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