Field of Dreams

I rode on zero-traffic country roads, up and down hills – at one point I got up to 30 mph going downhill which allowed me to get to the top of the next hill!

Billie made the right decision, she would not have liked this. About 5 miles later …

The movie set! It was crowded, a big line of cars waiting to get in. I rode up the side, gave my donation in between cars, and rode in. To the right, the Baseballism Store. Tours of the home are available plus a group of 7 people can share 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom overnight for $500+/night.

Bats and balls were available on the field for families to enjoy.

The concession stand, behind that is a cornfield with a path through it somewhere. Beyond that is a MLB-quality stadium that seats 8000 people. On August 12, the Yankees and White Sox will play here. Tickets are available but only to residents of Iowa.

Time to head back down the country roads I’d already ridden. One of them – Black Hills Rd – provided me with a first-ever experience. On the way TO the Field of Dreams, it was slightly uphill for a long stretch before some steeper ups-and-downs. At one point I heard a loud “CAW” as a bird flew over my head. On the way back, the same stretch turned a bit more violent. I was repeatedly “divebombed” by one or more birds many times. I could hear the wing flap above my helmet or something touching the helmet briefly and the same screeching “CAW” – I was a trespasser and unwelcome. Thank goodness, it was a bit downhill on the way back, I pedaled faster – 18 mph – all the way to the corner, turned left, and they finally left me alone. Another good reason to wear a bike helmet!

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