Bright Box

Bicycle World in Dubuque was open and was able to quickly determine I needed a new rear tire. The wobble was quite pronounced when I wasn’t sitting on the saddle. And Parish, the owner of Bicycle World, had a tire perfect for my bike and fixed it immediately. Great service, greatly appreciated by people who are traveling!

In the course of casual conversation, Parish told us about a nice drive to Balltown high on the bluffs above the Mississippi River. And when we got to Balltown, we should eat at Bright Box and told us a bit about this 6-generation family-owned restaurant. We were both hungry after our ride, so we headed there next. We went first to this scenic overlook:

The Mississippi is barely visible in the distance.

When I entered “Bright Box in Balltown IA” into Google maps, it knew exactly what I meant: Breitbach’s.

This is our kind of restaurant. Very good food.

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