Carondelet Park & Christy Greenway

We came back to Carondelet Park because the first time we took the shortest/fastest route because of the heat. Today we were able to do more exploring.

This was our view when we stopped at a park bench to eat breakfast – pb&j sandwiches.

Holly Hills Avenue:

Christy Greenway:

We took the River Des Peres Trail back to the Carondelet Connector. It was too hot and humid to ride for Billie and she took the connector back to where we’d parked, glad that we’d parked next to a Starbucks. She encouraged me to continue if I wanted. I felt ok so I decided to continue. Maybe I would ride to the end of the River Des Peres Trail and back. I knew it ended at the Mississippi River and there was a casino … which led to the next blog post …

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