River Des Peres Greenway

Up and out early again, but not early enough. It was too hot by the time we finished – which was at 10 am btw! We parked at Francis Slay Park.

Intersection with Grant’s Trail:

We took the Carondelet Connector, a 1-mile trail which linked us to a Starbucks for breakfast, then Carondelet Park. We were so hot and sweaty by this time, we decided to head back to the car as fast as possible, chose the shortest route through the park and took no pictures. We exited onto Holly Hills Blvd, tree-lined with a bike lane,

then turned left onto the Christy Greenway:

A pedestrian/bike bridge over the river put us back on the River Des Peres and back to the car.

Even though the heat and humidity were depleting, it was a great ride, 17 miles. Load the bikes, turn on the AC and head for Exit 272.

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