Grant’s Farm

We parked our bikes in front of the entrance.

White Haven: a 2-bedroom home on a plantation owned by Frederick Dent. Here US Grant met and courted Julia Dent. They also lived here, in one of the bedrooms, with their four children from 1854-1859.

Behind the house. in the lower right, were stairs leading down to the basement winter kitchen:

The heat from this room rose to heat the floor above:

To the left of the back of the house was a separate stone building. One side was the laundry, the other was the summer kitchen:

The chicken coop and ice house:

A really good tour, including the 20-minute movie at the beginning. The park ranger tour guide also did a great job.

Back on our bikes for the final hot/humid 3 miles back to the car. Bikes loaded/gear in the backseat, AC in the car turned on high … our reward was just up ahead. Exit 272 on I-44 West, a drive-through only Starbucks … ahhh!

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