Tunnel Hill State Trail – day 1

We drove 20 miles to New Burnside, a very small community of 250 people.

We rode to Harrisburg and had lunch at Angi’s Eats and Sweets.

Great food which seems to have evolved from a food truck. Inside the building was the kitchen, tables to sit at, a bench with MANY to-go orders ready for pick-up, and a friendly person to take our order. If you’re in Harrisburg, be sure to eat here.

As I was waiting in front of the building with our bikes while Billie checked out the best place to eat, where to order, etc, a lady drove up, parked and got out of her car. I asked, “Good food inside?” And our conversation began – what a delightful friendly person – Jacqueline! We decided to eat at the back of the building where there were tables and our bikes could be nearby. There was Jacqueline again – having lunch with some friends – we had a wonderful short visit.

Jacqueline, far left

Time to ride back … in the next picture, that would be riding from right to left … uphill.

The city of Harrisburg maintains a paved trail within the city limits:

35 miles! Excellent cool weather and a very shaded trail. Good day.

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