I discovered Eggs Benedict on this cruise and look forward to them every morning. It’s actually a reasonable portion as long as I stop there.
The weather was beautiful today and reached about 70 degrees – it was perfect for the narrated cruise through the Middle Rhine in the morning. Castles – vineyards – towns .. repeat, repeat, repeat for the next 2 hours.

Lorelei Rock:
After lunch, we took a Moselle River wine tasting excursion. Very steep hillsides:
From a lookout point:
We stopped at Weyh Weingut to learn more. This vineyard has been in the same family for 100 years, 4 generations.
The grapes were recently harvested by hand. 15 acres of grapes will yield about 65,000 bottles of wine.
Then we tasted 4 distinctly different rieslings. (Merrilyn, I bought a bottle of Uhlen Laubach Riesling trocken for our next Th@M.)
We had a great group to visit with at dinner. Lower right is Wyn, her husband Ron took the picture, from Manassas VA. At the left, Jeff and Theresa from Durham NC. At the far end of the table, Richard and Pat from Montreal Canada.

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