It was a short ride from the ship to the center of town on these little “trains.”

After 800 years of flooding, this tower leans a bit:
Property taxes were based on the width of the ground floor as it faced the main street – therefore width was increased as the stories go higher.
A yellow house was a sign of wealth,
but this shade of blue indicated the greatest wealth. A rarity, the only “smalt blue” half-timbered house known to exist; it was built in 1593.
Along the Tauber River.
High-water marks over the past centuries:

We walked back to the ship for an early-afternoon departure:
A more relaxed late afternoon with a Viking promotion presentation at 5:30 where it was announced that two new ocean ships will be introduced to the fleet in about a year with destinations in Antarctica and Greenland/North Pole. Sounds a bit cold to me. For dinner it was a traditional German feast followed by “Name that Tune” in the lounge at 9 pm. Having no musical knowledge of that sort, I went back to our cabin, but Ade has a great time.

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