A very rainy cold day. We took a city bus tour in the afternoon with a very knowledgeable guide – so knowledgeable that Nuremberg’s 1001-year history was a confused word salad for me. We disembarked at the Imperial Palace of Nuremberg.
Careful! The red zone is for bicycles – you take your life in your hands if you interfere with a cyclist’s progress.
The first 2 (of 3) walls separated by a dry moat.
A curved uphill approach made a battering ram ineffectual.
Then an uphill tunnel with ceiling openings – great way to pour boiling oil onto intruders.
Views of Nuremberg from the top.

Where Albrect Durer was born:
In our free time, we headed straight for an indoor cafe for gingerbread – not the best from my pov, there was a chewy nougat layer on the bottom – but we were inside, dry and warm.
Still raining.
Five busloads of Viking passengers met at The Beautiful Fountain to go back to the ship.

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