In the morning we went on a walking tour of Regensburg, sometimes called “Italy’s northernmost city”. It was a short walk to Old Stone Bridge.
A model of Regensburg in Medieval times.

St Stephen’s Cathedral, first started in 1273, the building was considered finished in 1872. There is a mixture of styles (even on the same level) and materials used (limestone and sandstone).
The Goliath House, a successful merchant’s house built in 1260. When the painting was added in 1573, a green-coated town official would walk by every day to ask when the painting would be finished. Annoyed, the artist added a little green frog in the lower right corner. The most recent restoration of the painting eliminated the original frog’s mustache and glasses.
If you rub the little mouse, you will come back to Regensburg. Every town has been wonderful to visit, but Regensburg is one we would both like to visit again. So many large squares and narrow streets filled with little shops and cafes – all perfectly picturesque.

While we had lunch, the ship moved to a new location not far away. For the afternoon excursion we walked back into town, across Old Stone Bridge
to the basement of Ratskeller
to make weisswurst – a Bavarian specialty – made with beef, veal, pork, and seasoned with onions, parsley, lemon zest, cardamom, mace and ginger.
Everyone got to work!
Ingredients were added in a specific order along with ice to maintain a specific temperature. Parsley was added near the ended to insure green flecks could be seen in the final product.

Time to pinch and twist into 10cm lengths:
We ate the sausages we’d created in the traditional way – with beer, pretzels, and sweet German mustard. These sausages are simmered (not boiled) for 15-20 minutes because the pork casings are delicate.
To eat them, open one end and eat the filling but not the casing (delicate for cooking, impossible for chewing).

Schoolgirls on their way to Dunkin Donuts before heading home:
Walking back to the shuttle bus, I was the slowest person in the group, my ankle hurt, my feet hurt. I found out one good reason later – we walked 6 miles today – walking on cobblestones was certainly a factor.

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