Last night at the 6:45 port talk (just before everyone goes to dinner), Richie the program director asked everyone what Bamberg was famous for. Well, Bamberg lace of course. I was wrong. It’s smoked beer, sometimes called “bacon beer.”
How the mail is delivered:
There are more than 70,000 stumbling stones embedded in the cobbled streets of over 1200 European or Russian towns. They are the largest decentralized monument in the world. Each one names someone who was killed by the Nazi regime. There are over 300 in Bamberg.
Bamberg Cathedral. Note the scaffolding between the towers, the word GOOD can be seen. At night it lights up, but one O blinks on and off resulting in the repeating phrase “GOOD GOD.”
The rose garden:

Another unique thing about Bamberg is their pretzels are white. We found a bakery that made their own and tried one. Delicious!

Fresh wreaths at the farmer’s market:

Do not step into the designated path of an oncoming bicycle – more dangerous than stepping in front of a car.

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