Budapest: day 3

The Pest side of the Danube is flat, the Buda side is quite hilly.
This morning we went on an excursion to Szentendre (Hungarian for St Andrew) and made two stops. The first at Skanzen Village Museum – an open-air museum on 150 acres with 312 buildings organized into regional units.
To see everything would have taken all day, but we saw a few buildings which showed rural life from 100-200 years ago.

Decorating freshly baked gingerbread cookies

To keep small children from touching the hot cooking area, they were placed in the hole in the heavy stool.

Hungarian Racka sheep with spiral-shaped horns:
Then we learned how to make traditional Hungarian gulyas (goulash). Everyone had to chop vegetables:
Other basic ingredients:
Traditional gulyas should be made outside over an open fire and ingredients are added in a specific order.
We did not eat what we made (thank goodness) but rather restaurant-prepared gulyas, bread and dessert.
We drove back into the town of Szentendre to the artist’s village – not too many artists but lots of opportunities to buy souvenirs.

We were dropped off at the ship at about 4:30
just in time for wine and cheese on outdoor terrace underneath the Chain Bridge.

Dinner at 7. Delicious food!
What a busy fun day!

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