Leaving Budapest

Ade and I have a room on the lowest of three floors. No big windows or balcony for us but still a great view this morning.
Breakfast is buffet-style but you can also sit and order from a menu.
We went on a tour of the city in the morning – so much better than the first one we took. We sat about halfway back in the bus and could still see out the front window via the tv monitor. In the upper left of the screen you can see a style of architecture call “neo-ugly” referring the the buildings constructed during the Soviet Communist occupation.
Our final stop was on Buda Castle Hill – St Matthias Church.
Hand-painted ceramic tile roof:
On this tour, we got to go inside.
On the way back to the ship, we drove past Parliament. At the river’s edge are 60 iron shoes anchored to the ground as a memorial to the hundreds of Jews and others who were rounded up in 1944-1945, walked to the edge of the river, then chained together and forced to take off their shoes before being shot in the back and falling into the river.
After lunch, we took an excursion to the countryside to a horse farm.
We were greeted with a snack and a choice of alcoholic beverages. Ade chose apple brandy. I’m not if she like it or not. What do you think?
Traditional Hungarian horseman:
After a cart ride around the property,
it was time for the show.
Bullseye every time:

Using a five-horse team, the horseman straddled two horses as they galloped around the arena:
Many trophies for the cases along the walls and more in lighted cases on the floor:
At 5:30 pm sharp, we set sail. We are headed north on the Danube River to Vienna.

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