Arrrow Stone Park and Grant-Kohrs Ranch

Phyl and I walked the paths of Arrow Stone Park.

It winds around all the way to the Old Montana Prison along the Clark Fork River.

We walked every path for a total of 2 miles.

There would be more walking at our afternoon stop: Grant Kohrs Ranch, a National Historic Site.The ranch tells the story of the transition from open-range cattle industry of the 1860s to a more scientific approach (and the beginning of barbed wire fencing and growing your own alfalfa) in the 1890s.
We toured the house, but couldn’t take any pictures. There are no reproductions in the house, only original artifacts (with many thousands more stored in a barn on the property).
We began our exploration just after 2 busloads of Australians and Canadians were almost ready to leave. A cowboy poses for a tourist:

In the garden at the back of the house:

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