Philipsburg and Lemon Drops

We drove to Phillipsburg today, about 50 miles from Deer Lodge. Cute town with some really good shops.At several shops, you can buy bags of dirt/gravel/rock and go “screening” – sifting and washing hoping to find precious stones like Montana sapphires.A must stop is The Sweet Palace where you can find every imaginable candy you can think of and then some. Samples of their famous fudge – you choose the flavor – are given out at the register.After we got back to Deer Lodge, Phyl and I went on a walk. The pond on their property, where ducks land and muskrats play:Dee owns the 80 acres which surrounds Dave & Phyl’s place. She has 20 horses.Walking back along the road toward their house:Phyl made the best Lemon Drop Martinis …well … maybe they could have used a bit more sugar:

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