Wellsboro PA

Billie and I drove north to Wellsboro and took two rest days. Today, dodging thunderstorms, we took the walking tour of the town.DSC02628The Wellsboro Diner opened in 1939:DSC02629Built in 1921 for silent films, the Arcadia Theater was one of the first in the state to show talking pictures. Today it has 4 state-of-the-art screens and movies change weekly.DSC02632Inside the lobby of the Penn Wells Hotel is a 7 X 11-foot flag created in 1946 to honor returning WWII veterans at the Corning Glassworks annual banquet. At the time, the Wellsboro plant was the largest manufacturer of Christmas tree ornaments in the world – there are 1438 ornaments in the design, each ornament sitting on a cork peg. The field of blue was made from smaller camera flash bulbs.DSC02634Main Street:DSC02638One of the largest elm trees in the world, growing since the 1700s, and older than the town itself:DSC02639The town square known as The Green:DSC02648At the center, a statue of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod:DSC02652

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