GAP – day 5

Leaving Meyersdale:DSC02589The final 8 miles of climbing brought us to the Eastern Continental Divide. It was all downhill from this point – yay!DSC02595DSC02598
The Big Savage Tunnel, built in 1911, 3300 feet (2/3 mile) long. DSC02607
About halfway through, it got foggy, the rider ahead disappeared at about 30 feet. Clear weather on the west side of the tunnel, fog on the east side.DSC02608DSC02609DSC02614We felt a few sprinkles as we left Frostburg. With just 9 miles to go, we had to stop and put on rain covers.DSC02617All our stuff stayed dry, but we were soaked and filthy from head to toe. But none of that mattered, we had arrived in Cumberland MD!DSC02619As we ate lunch at the Crabby Pig, we realized how lucky we were to arrive when we did. There was a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning for about an hour. The bike shop let us use a hose to get most of the mud off the bikes and our legs. DSC02624Then it was time to say goodbye to Donna, who had to drive home to Roanoke. This was Donna’s first multi-day bike tour and she had a great time. There will definitely be more bike tours in her future.
Miles = 33. Total miles = 161.

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