Ed’s grandson

Over the past few weekends when Tom has come out to E Nicolaus to help Justin with the landscaping project, I’ve heard Tom say to Justin, “You’re just like your grandfather.” Meaning MY dad, Ed. And then I got my own example.

One evening, Justin told me he was going to Anders’ house down the road to look at some irrigation pipe. He came home with this
and a good story. “Mom, I got such a good deal. New pipe like this sells for $3.50/foot, used it’s $1.25/foot. At first Anders said $8/pipe, but at the end said $5/pipe was good enough. That’s only 25 cents/foot!” My dad knew the prices of everything and recognized a good deal when he saw one. Although that attribute may have skipped a generation, it’s alive and thriving in Ed’s grandson.

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