All because of pomegranate molasses

Way back when Phyllis and I made 90 jars of pomegranate jelly EACH, there was still a bit of juice left. As an experiment and trying not to be wasteful, I made about 1 cup of pomegranate molasses. I thought I’d give it to Maria in Penn Valley, she’s a great cook, and tackles cooking adventures all the time. But then, the Christmas issue of Food Network magazine was purchased with TWO recipes that called for pomegranate molasses. If Maria could do this, so can I.

The first: Pomegranate Spritz Cookies. Hmm, only two tablespoons needed (14 to go). And, I had to buy a cookie press.
The red color comes from a big dose of red food coloring. The pressing out of the cookie dough was fine. The non-pareils, however, were a pain. 72 cookies = 360 non-pareils applied with a tweezer = 45 minutes. They were pretty!
Next up: Slow-cooker Turkey Meatballs with 3 tablespoons of pomegranate molasses. 11 tablespoons to go. Maria, there still some left for you. Phyllis, next year, let’s make pomegranate liqueur with the leftover juice.

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