Auburn Elementary Bike Club

This was our second day working on bicycle parts. The weather outside was cold and rainy, good to stay inside. The club members who came to the first bicycle parts lesson today helped the kids who missed the last club meeting.
Students used address labels and a diagram to label as many parts of the bike as possible. Then they practiced naming the parts with a friend. When ready, students could take a paper-and-pencil test.
There are three levels of the test which can be taken. At grades 4-5, the Beginner level is appropriate. Lindsey finished quickly, (she’d been studying!) and asked for the Intermediate level. I warned her, it would be hard. 24 different parts had to labeled on page one. On page 2, those parts had to be categorized into Frame, Drive Train, or Other. She still wanted the challenge. Go team!
This is the beginning of a photo project will promote bicycle education and increase interest in the club. Students could choose to balance on their bikes flat, going uphill, or
going downhill. Brian, one of the parent volunteers, helped a student carefully get into position.
Each of the photos will be printed as 8 X 10s for the next step. Stay tuned!

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