Sunday Social

Last Sunday, July 20, the Rio Linda/ELverta Historical Society had its monthly Sunday Social at the Dry Creek Ranch House.image

It seems to me like there’s been an increase in small agri-businesses in the last few years, particularly in the northwest part of RL – M St/W 6th/U St/RL Blvd for those of you who know our little town. I invited a couple of these businesses to speak. The Refarmery:

Michael Long, Alice, and Jon Kupkowski explained the experiments they are conducting to meet their goals.

Farmer Deno of The Natomas Farm brought a flat of pluots to share with everyone and told us about the many different fruits and vegetables he grows and his plans for expansion. He gave the 9 lb cantaloupe he’s holding to one of our older members who did manage to carry it to his car. Deno has a great blog also at

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