Update on hacking

It appears that I have been locked out of my email account which was hacked last week. I can send email from my account but have not received email for a few days. However “Yahoo’s Partner Application” logs in every 12 hours or so. Perhaps looking to see if anyone has sent money to get me out of Ukraine? Attempting to solve the problem with Yahoo has not gone well. So poorly that I’ve closed the account already.

So, I have a new email address which I will not put here for obvious reasons. I’ve sent out that address to many people, but if you did not receive it and want it, let me know here.

One thought on “Update on hacking

  1. Hi Arlete………We Downunder also received that email, so it travelled far and wide. What a nuisance for you. And scary. If you don’t mind I would like your new email address. Regards…………Marion
    PS Darren is still trying to sell Cool Cat. He has someone coming to look at it in a few days, so you can imagine the spit and polish it’s getting. Personally, I would be sad to see it go…………MJR

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