About not working

Work ended on Monday July 21 and there’s nothing on the horizon until mid-August. What to do?

Lots of sewing of course. Noticing how the walnuts on Justin’s trees are drooping with an abundance of walnuts. Justin didn’t prune this past winter as he’d intended, so the trees put their energy into walnut production instead of the growth of the tree itself. Justin thinks there may be twice as many walnuts this year. 400 pounds to gather?
Get-togethers with friends. Walking. Barely seen in the background is Jaime’s house, a neighbor of Justin’s. It looked like corn in Jaime’s front field but the 5-foot tall plants seemed tightly spaced with no sign of ears forming. It was Sudangrass. This is when Justin gave me a mini-lecture on the topic 🙂 Planted on July 1, it takes 45 days to harvest and yields 3-5 tons/acre. This silage crop will go to Japan. Current price = $215/ton.
Rule 93: If it’s possible to have a bicycle and a chicken in a picture at the same time, the picture must be taken.
A friendly neighbor barked hello.

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