Thursday at Merrilyn’s

I offered to cancel today’s get together because standing up and making an appetizer seemed like too difficult a task. But Merrilyn said to come anyway – hurray! And I did bring something (the Ruffles, not the fruit) to go with Merrilyn’s Crostini with mushrooms, beef and brie.

When I told Merrilyn I went to watch a cribbage tournament and now wanted to learn how to play, her eyes lit up. She went to her car (where she keeps her cribbage board!) and gave me a lesson. Fun!

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

Always delicious. Always fun! Whipped ricotta with pine nuts and raisins on crostini:
Cocktail meatballs and Cauliflower Toasts:
Not pictured: wine 🙂 and Phyllis 😦

Hey, Bob, that picture would have turned out better if you’d take it.