Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

Merrilyn is totally vaccinated and I’m halfway there so we “risked” it and got together for a visit. We were both in veggie mode. Toasted walnut hummus with pita crackers and raw vegetables and – a favorite recipe of Phyllis – Veggie Bars.

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

On Tuesday. Phyllis has been staying with me since January 12 – really just spending the night in the guest bedroom – she’s been visiting LOTS of friends and family. Today was reserved for Thursday at Merrilyn’s. Bacon cheese pull-aparts and Garlic buttered grilled shrimp:

Surprise: Jack Nolan came by, looking for Merrilyn’s husband Bob:

Dessert! Homemade raspberry sherbet and brownies:

A now-rare reunion of the three of us! We miss you, Phyl!

Later that evening, I moved my towel collection around which meant I had to climb to the third step of a ladder. Thanks Phyl for being there to call 911 if needed … lol ..