Cuba – day 9

Our final full day in Cuba. Back to Havana.

A stop at Finca Vigia – the home of Ernest Hemingway.

His fishing boat, Pilar.

D’Brujas – the witches – are soap and skin care product makers who have been successful and recently opened a store in Los Angeles. We visited the workshop where all the products are made.

Next, a very large market where you can buy ANYthing.

After checking in at the hotel, we all met downstairs at 4 pm. A fleet of six 50s cars were waiting for us.

Three people per car. We made several stops so you could switch around and ride in 4 different models. So much fun.

A broad avenue along the water where many embassies are located.

Artist Jose Fuster reclaimed his impoverished Jaimanitas neighborhood by creating colorful mosaics everywhere. He started with his own studio then asked neighbors if he decorate their homes and businesses. Over a decade of work, Fusterlandia was born. To me, this is a not-to-be-missed highlight of Havana.

With our driver, Ramon:

We drove through a huge park in the middle of the city, aka the “lungs of Havana.”

Revolution Square surrounded by many government buildings.

Before dinner, a few of us walked to the amazing Hotel Nacional for a drink.

Our final dinner was at Casa Miglas,

followed by a one-hour performance by the Havana Queens dance company.

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