Cuba – day 7

We boarded the bus and drove into the mountains on curvy narrow roads. We stopped at a couple of overlooks.

Our next stop was a coffee farm where we would have lunch – the best meal so far!

We took a walk on a narrow path to see the coffee plants.

Green coffee – not ready to harvest.

Red berries ready to pick.

Banana tree:

Roasting the dried coffee beans stirring constantly:

A very special lunch of roast pig:

The seating was a bit rustic.

The family who hosted us. So friendly and welcoming.

Before we left, we used the outhouse with a porcelain toilet, actually much cleaner than some of the indoor toilets we’ve used.

From rustic to over-the-top opulence. In Cienfuegos – 100 fires – the home of a rich Spanish investor in the sugar cane industry built to resemble the Alhambra.

The view from the roof patio.

We walked the wide boulevard downtown and ran into a children’s group parading to celebrate the International Book Fair.

The Tomas Terry Theater built as a thank-you to the people of Cienfuegos for making him a rich man, again in the sugar industry.

We went to dinner at Cafe Cienfuegos and had another very authentic Cuban experience – no electricity. Totally dark and no candles. The wait staff showed us how to get a bit of light – set a bottle of water on top of a cell phone with the flashlight turned on.

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