Cuba – day 6

We boarded the bus and drove to Sancti Spiritus

where we began with a before-lunch sangria. Porfirio – tour director, far right – loves to sing. He sang a song to the staff to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

A brief stop at a “green pharmacy” – herbal mixtures are sold here.

A walk through the mercado. Ray explained what some of the time were, like a little smasher for plantains before cooking.

In the front, small yams:

The sausage maker (on the phone) with his variety of sausages.

Lunch was at Taberna Yayabo just before you crossed the only brick bridge in Cuba

which crossed Rio Yayabo. You can’t see any water because of the hyacinths.

We walked to a nearby home and up to the rooftop where we had a salsa dance lesson.

We visited the studio and home of Yudit, an internationally known artist.

This piece is paint but also embroidery (through the painter’s canvas!) with a rather intricate pattern over a large area.

Our hotel tonight is Las Cuevas. We arrived at sunset, not so good this day due to the clouds.

For dinner, the bus got us as close as possible to the restaurant but we still had to walk 5 blocks over treacherous cobbles.

Dinner at Los Conspiradores.

After dinner, just 4 of our group of 18 went to a local club for salsa dancing. Not me, though, too tired.

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