Cuba – day 4

We checked out of our hotel and made one stop at a cigar factory before heading out of Havana.

We climbed several floors to get to the area where the cigars are being rolled. On one side, trainees will spend one year learning how to do it correctly. On the other side, experienced rollers made 70-140 cigars/day depending on the size and type of cigar. Taking photos is not allowed but the security guard was on his phone, so we provided cover for one another and took quick pictures.

Back to the bus and on to our next stop, actually a bathroom stop but also the option to get a pina colada.

Lunch at Restaurante Los Tainos.

We stopped at a monument to Ernesto Che Guevara.

In Santa Clara, we learned about a community project called El Menjuje which aids people of all types and encourages inclusivity for all.

Our hotel in Remedios – Camino Principe – The Prince’s Path. Beautiful hotel outside and inside! And … slow but adequate (and free) wifi. Time to catch up.

All the rooms face inward to the courtyard.

After dinner in the hotel, Terri and I walked around the plaza. We were lucky to be in Remedios for the annual Semana de la Cultura – Week of Culture. A band getting ready for their performance although the big show began at midnight to celebrate an important person’s birthday. Two in our group stayed out until 1:40 am enjoying the performance and dancing in the street.

On the other side of the plaza.

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