Cuba – day 2

Bienvenidos a Cuba. Havana Cuba, the morning view from my hotel room:

We took a tour bus to the area of the city known as Old Havana and we walked and walked. Plaza de San Francisco aka Pigeon Plaza:

The pink hotel, 5th floor on the corner, is where Ernest Hemingway lived for 7 years.

The very popular bar where Hemingway drank mojitos. We all had one.

In the Plaza de la Catedral:

Traditionally, Saturday is laundry day. Who needs a dryer anyway?

A public bus. First the motorcycles are loaded, then they see how many people can fit. 

Arte Corte: a community enhancement project on one of the streets, centered around a hair salon and a barber school. Hair cutting scissors from all over the world have been donated and attached to this sculpture. It’s not finished.

Hamel Alley, a community project dedicated to art.

A local explained the connections between religions in Cuba, including Santeria. 

Lots of walking today. Everyone is quite tired. After a 2-hour break in the late afternoon, we boarded the bus again and went out for dinner. Dinner was at one of the many paladares in Havana – small family-run restaurants.

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