391 miles

Jane and Barbara went for bike ride – no picture. On a different ride, Tracy took this picture of Rachel and Jim:

Meanwhile, a big group of us drove to Granite Bay to ride some rolling hills. Jonathan took this picture of Elaine, Agueda, Brenda, Maria, me, Stacey, Cheryl, Kathy, Sheila, Michael, and Dani. Minerva also rode.

There were two ride groups. Dani led the faster group who rode 30 miles. Kathy led another group who rode 23 miles. This was the first time for some cyclists riding rolling hills – North Natomas and all of Sacramento is flat. The non-e-bike riders also has a harder time, shifting was important.

We were all about 5 miles from the end of the ride when it began to sprinkle, then rain. Despite being wet and cold, we all had a great time. And a couple more people are thinking an e-bike might be a good idea.

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