Ride Ready Repair

by SABA at Fr Kenny School. This was a school fair also at the other end of the playground with exhibits from neighborhood services, a dj, dance performances.

Robert rounded up all the mechanics for a pre-event meeting.

Terri came with me, we manned the intake table. Diana was also a part of our team but she was also able to create some social media content for SABA. Diana is SABA’s communications director.

The team of mechanics began working on a set of bikes from the Bike Kitchen, three of which would be raffled off later in the afternoon. This bike never was chosen for repair. One of the mechanics said, “All it needs is .. everything.”

There were a few heart-warming stories. One boy rolled up, somewhat frantic, saying the chain came off and he had to be home by 4:30. One of the mechanics, Bill, was nearby and overheard. He immediately went to work on the boy’s bike and quickly solved the problem. The boy was so relieved and asked Bill, “Can I give you a hug?”

Another favorite moment. Two brothers, Gabriel and Charles, came up early in the day and asked if there were any bikes being given away. In fact, there were. They each tried out a couple and found the bike they wanted the most, they were so happy. We met their dad and found out he had no way to get the bikes back to where they lived in Rancho Cordova. No problem, said one of the mechanics, Dennis. “If you give me your address I’ll bring them to you.” More happiness all around.

Special thanks to Terri and Sudanne from Mai Vang’s office at the intake table. You made the whole intake process so efficient today.

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