Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 15. Coletha and Diana:

Sunday October 16. Jim, Lennore, Brenda, Agueda, Paul:

Dani, Elaine, Earldean, Kathy:

Tuesday October 18. Diana and Coletha:

Short story: late Tuesday morning, Agueda had her locked bike stolen in front of Ross at Natomas Marketplace. Later that afternoon, Brenda spotted her bike next to a sleeping homeless man near Inderkum High School, called Agueda who drove over and verified the bike was indeed hers. They quietly picked up the bike and walked away. Agueda got her bike back minus a few accessories about 4 hours after it was stolen. In the early evening, Brenda went for a bike ride with Jim and Paul who titled the incident “Crime fighter by day, bike rider at night.”

Wednesday October 19. Dani, Cheryl, Jane:

Friday October 21. Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cheryl:

Diana and Coletha:

Saturday October 22. Paul, Jim, Maria:

The following picture is NOT Dani, Kathy, Jane and Cheryl after their long ride:

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